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Operations of SAMO

In the beginning of the study year SAMO office at Frami F is open normally on weekdays between 9-15. Possible changes and extensions will be informed separately.


We want to ensure safe service situation for our student members and employees. We have a protective plexiglass at our desk, disinfectant available, stickers reminding about safe distances on the floor, we will disinfect surfaces and keyboards continuously and use other protective devices if necessary. We have also decided to give up handling cash for the time being. So please take a charge card with you.


In order to reduce queuing and minimize contacts we hope you will pay your membership fee primarily in the internet. We encourage you to use Slice- or Pivo- mobile student card and collect a new sticker in your plastic student card only if necessary.


We also recommend that one person would collect the stickers for several student cards at the same time: you can take your friend´s card(s) with you and get the stickers for all of them with one visit. SAMO membership and sticker for ending study year are valid till 30th September 2020.



-Don´t come if you are sick or showing symptoms

-Wash your hands and use disinfectant
-Snot and cough in a hanky or sleeve
-Obey the safe distances while queuing to the desk
-Pay with a charge card and use close payment if possible

-Don´t stay and hang around needlessly


Same instructions are valid in Café Tsumppi as well. By following the safety regulations and common sense we can avoid infections and are able to carry on studying and working at the campus!


More information about membership fees and student cards on our website:

P.S. You can check your membership fee situation by signing to an e-form “Update your membership details”.




SeAMK will return to Frami Campus in August. It is likely that the Government will make new recommendations on coronavirus restrictions. Naturally, SeAMK follows the recommendations.

The development of the coronavirus situation is monitored daily at SeAMK. The Security Management Team meets at least weekly and is ready to take the necessary measures to ensure safe operation in all circumstances. Any changes to the current policies will be communicated when necessary.

Classroom teaching and examinations that require supervision are carried out using the hybrid method that combines different teaching methods. SeAMK’s students, staff and stakeholders are effectively protected from infection by enabling a safe study and work environment. To achieve this, each member of our SeAMK community is required to commit to our common rules:

  • We will come to campus only when completely healthy

  • We take care of good hand and coughing hygiene

  • We maintain safe distances in all situations

  • We do not shake hands

  • In special situations where it is not possible to maintain safe distances, SeAMK offers protective equipment

The guidelines and instructions of SeAMK can be found on the intranet. There are also Questions and Answers to common questions and practices that arise.

If you, as a student, have specific questions about the situation and your studies, you can send them directly to:

Coronavirus Releases by SeAMK:


Library services online

The library opens its doors on 3.8. and is open between 9-16 a clock.


Please follow the library's news or social media.

Need to talk or help with studies?

Epidemic situations and distance learning can cause stress and anxiety to students. Your own situation or those of your loved ones may be a concern, and taking are of your own well-being and managing your everyday life can be challenging. Don't be left alone with your worries - help is available!


  • Are you distressed and need someone to talk to?
    You can contact the SeAMK School Pastor:




Student health care

You can find up-to-date information on the student health care services provided by Seinäjoki City SeAMK students on the SeAMK website:


Student lunch

Sodexo opens is door at Campus building on 17.8. there will be a soup option.

Sodexo at Frami F will open on 24.8.


Current information on the corona-virus and its effects can be found for example from the following trusted sources:


Seinäjoen ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta SAMO


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