Tutor is a student who voluntarily participates in helping and guiding the new students.

Tutor helps, guides and advises students throughout the first years of study

You can turn to your Tutor in matters big or small, be it study or personal. Tutors receive new students in groups and work with them. Every group has their own tutor to turn to.

Tutoring works in two groups: Peer tutor and International tutor.
Besides of those two you can also be Sports tutor and Digital tutor.


Tutoring affairs person
Salla Kaukola


For the ideal Student life, studying, homework and exams should be balanced with quality free time. SAMO arranges events for SeAMK students all year around from sports, hangout evenings and International Club to student parties. 

SAMOs culture work group SAKU arranges the events all year around.

Events affairs person
jenna minkkinen


international affairs

SAMOs International affairs main job is to help the degree and exchange students to adapt to the Finish study life. International students usually have questions about studies, accommodation, and health care and free time opportunities. SAMO is here to help to give or find answers for these questions. 

SAMO is also in charge of the trusteeship of international students and is in charge of training international tutors.

SAMO arranges events and trips for international students, for example Trip to Lapland every semester, where the Finnish students are also welcome.

The goal for SAMO is to integrate the international and Finnish students to become one big SeAMK community.

International affairs person    

natalia rask

(c) Tim Bensberg


Advocacy sector is responsible for matters relating to the education of students. These include course content, the quality of study, work placements, degree structures and training to support educational systems, such as the polytechnic system.

As well as care for student’s well-being in living, healthcare and student livelihood.

Advocacy affairs person
topi uusi-seppä


Marketing sector is responsible for marketing SAMOs membership and events.

Marketing affairs person

mirka rauta



To help balance your study life, SAMO arranges a great variety of sport activities for their members.

From regular weekly sports shifts, to different sports tournaments during the year. This give the student a way to exercise in a fun and easygoing environment.

As a member of SAMO you can get many discounts from different sport places around Seinäjoki.

More sports infoformation, and upcoming events will be found from SAMOs Facebook group "SAMO SPORTS-SAMO LIIKUNTA"

Sport affairs person
katriina leikas

Seinäjoen ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta SAMO


Kampusranta 11 (Frami F, 1. krs.)


020-124 5039


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