Back row: Jaakko Viljanen (Marketing and Advocacy), Esa Rajala (Tutoring), Paavo Rautiainen (Chairman),

Hanna Hietala (vice chairman), Jesse Suvala (Sports) ja Terhi Jokela (International affairs).


Seinäjoki University of Applied Science's

Student Union - SAMO is a trustee and service organization for students that that fas founded in 1996.

The student Union ensures that the student can study the degree without any extra sorrows. The Student Union enables the student to enjoy student life without the feeling of loneliness. SAMO is the most trusted guardian of the student, because it is an organization formed and managed by students, where each member has the opportunity to influence.


SAMOs executive power is in the hands of the Board. The board is elected by the Council of Representatives for a calendar year. 

Board members get a small commission for participating the meetings. The chairman has the opportunity to perform his duties full-time.

The board is responsible for e.g. following tasks

  • Runs student union activities according to law, rules and by the decisions of the council.

  • Represents the student union and maintains relationships with partners and interest groups

  • Prepares the matters for the council

  • Collects membership fees, takes care of student union´s assets, financial management and accounting.

  • Informs members about student union´s activities and events.

  • Maintains register of student union´s members


The Board consists of a Chairman and 5-10 members. The Board elects a Vice-Chairman and Executive Committee among its members. The secretary of the board meetings is Secretary General.


The Council of Representative consists of 20 members who have highest authority within SAMO. The council is elected by public election for a calendar year and they meet at least four times a year. 

Members of the council can influence in the activities of SAMO and in the well-being and trusteeship of students with active participation in meetings.

The council is responsible for e.g. following

  • To choose the chairman and other members of the board

  • Approve student union´s annual report prepared by the board

  • Confirm financial statements and give the board and other financially liable people exemption of liability

  • Approve student union budget

  • Approve needed rules and other required regulations

  • Choose a student representatives into the UAS administration 

  • Determine membership fees