• You can become  a member of SAMO if you fulfill the acceptance terms for the student card.

  • When joining, you will receive SLICE membership application and a mobile studentcard. If you wish, you can also download the mobile studentcard Pivo. There is also a possibility to order a plastic student card for an additional fee.

  • Joining is done by filling in the membership form online.

  • When filling the form, you will need a passport-type picture in jpg-format and online bank service or details of a bankcard.

instruction for filling the form 

  1. Fill in your personal details

  2. Fill in your contact details

  3. Choose your student- and membership details (fill your student number without the first letter). New students will get their student number when activating SeAMK username.

  4. Add picture for the student card in jpg-format (passport-type straight head-shot, you can  crop the picture in the form)

  5. Accept the membership terms

  6. Check the details you have gave and when needed, fix it

  7. Pay the membership and student card with some of the following services: online bank service, bankcard or mobilepay.

  8. You will get a information about the successful payment and membership

  9. You will receive a receipt from your payment and instruction, how to reclaim the student card etc

  10. You will receive email logins and instructions for setting up Slice and your mobile studentcard.


You can get the student card, if you fill all the following terms:

  1. You are performing a degree or higher degree in University of Applied Sciences .

  2. You have announced being present student for the semester/academic year

  3. You are joining your own student union.

When joining SAMO  

  • Your announced personal details will be saved by Associations law (503/1989) 11§ to the member register. Member register regarding to Personal data act (523/1999) 10§ meant file description can be found from here.  

  • You will give rights to SAMO to verify your study right, present- and personal data from the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences information system and saves your member details to the school’s information system.

  • You have received the terms of accepting student card, understand what those mean and you are willing to obey those.


We will process your membership application without delay. Immediately after accepting the application, you will receive in your e-mail the login IDs and instructions for setting up the Slice mobile application (digital studentcard and membership benefits). Download Slice to your phone from Google Play or the AppStore, sign in and let it back!


If you wish, you can also download the Pivo mobile studentcard after joining. The Pivo mobile studentcard includes a special package of student benefits and discounts, and is approved by for example VR, Matkahuolto and Kela. In addition, you get Slice's numerous student benefits and all of Pivo's handy mobile payment features.

You can get Pivo by downloading the Pivo app from Google Play or the AppStore, Identify and add your debit card information, select your student body and grab a picture from the student card.

Cards delivery time is 2-3 weeks from the ordering, depending from card producer’s order backlog (the busiest time is in September). The sooner you join the quicker you will get your student card and all the benefits provided by SAMO!


New student cards will be delivered to SAMO office. You will receive an email, when your student card has arrived and you can reclaim your card from SAMO office.

If you are not able to reclaim the card from the SAMO office, contact us and let’s talk about delivering the card some other way.


  1. Come visit us at the SAMO-office or send us an email to

  2. We will check if we have your picture. If not, we will ask you send us a new one.

  3. New student card costs 10€. You can pay it immediately, when ordering, or when you picking up the new one.

  4. Your new student card will arrive to SAMO-office in 2-3 weeks.

NOTICE! When ordering a new card instead of the lost one, you will get brand new one.