Is your membership valid?

  • SAMO's membership is valid when you have enrolled as a student for the current semester and have paid SAMO's membership fee.

  • You can identify yourself as a member with a Student card that has a valid semester sticker OR Slice mobile student card, the validity of which is indicated by the date on the card and the pulsating "tick" in the corner. You can get the semester sticker from SAMO's office.

  • The membership fee is 30€ for the whole academic year 2021-22 or 20€ for the autumn or spring semester.

  • NOTE! If you have paid the full membership fee upon joining, you can automatically apply for a new sticker on your card!

  • The September 2021 membership and the semester sticker are valid until 31st January 2022. The membership and sticker for the whole academic year 2021-2022 and the spring term 2022 will be valid until 30th September 2022.






  • Sign in with your email address.

  • You will receive a personal link to your email (valid for 10min) to continue your membership.

  • Choose a membership time of 1 year or ½year

  • If your photo information is missing from your registry, dowload a jpg image the form. The picture should be so-called passport-type image (you can take the picture by phone "selfie" and crop the image in the forms photo tool

  • Accept the membership terms

  • Pay the membership fee for one of the available payment options (online banking, payment card, mobilepay)

  • Once your payment is logged in (a couple of business days), you can apply for a new sticker from SAMO office.

  • After you have paid the membership fee and / or added a photo, you will also receive a membership application and a mobile studentcard if you don't have it already. Read more about Slice

Log in to the form here


  • Continuation of membership and payment of membership fee is also possible at SAMO's office

  • At the office, you can pay membership fee with both cash and bank or credit cards

  • After payment, you will get the new sticker on your card


Once your membership fee has been paid, you can pick up your new student card from samo office!


if you can't come to SAMOs OFFICE act as FOLLOWING:


  • Pay your membership fee by one of the above methods

  • Send your student card to SAMO at: SAMO, PO Box 412, 60101 Seinäjoki

  • Put a return envelope with the return stamp and your address on the cover

  • Once your payment has arrived and appears in our register, we will change your new sticker to your card and mail it back to you

If you have any questions about continuing membership and purchasing a new semester sticker, please contact our office.​