The best way starting the studying is to join to the  student union and order a student card!
This way you can have every benefit and offer that SAMO has, you get to be part of the joyful and active SAMO-people and you will have opportunity to affect the student union decisions.


Feature of being a member of SAMO is the student card, which has the valid semester sticker. With the card you prove your right for the national and local student-benefits and SAMO’s member benefits. With the new student card you can also use it with the different electrical campus services.


Being a member of SAMO you will true experience of the student time and you will also save a lot a money! As a member, joining to the events, is always cheaper!

In SAMO there’s already over 3000 member. Join to be a member of happy SAMO-people!

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Plastic studentcard
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Don’t remember if you are already a member?

  1. Check it out here

  2. From the up corner you will see your membership details.

  3. If your membership is ending and you want to continue your membership

if you have lost your card

  1. Come visit us at SAMO-office or send an email to

  2. We will check if we have your picture. If we don’t have it, we will ask you to send us a new one.

  3. New student card costs 10€. You can pay it immediately, when ordering, or when you picking up the new one.

  4. Your new student card will arrive to SAMO-office in 2-3 weeks.

NOTICE! When ordering a new card instead of the lost one, you will get brand new card.