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mobile student card slice
for samo members

Mobile studencard Slice

"this is the best"


What is SLICE? is a student benefit service, which offers the Slice-mobile student card, discounts and benefits.

Slice-mobile student card is an official student card. You’ll get the mobile student card if you are a student in SeAMK and have become a member of SAMO and have paid the membership fee.

From SLICE you’ll find all the student benefits and your personal mobile student card. In Slice you don’t have a semester sticker, but in the right corner there is a blinking light, if your membership is valid and membership fee has been paid.



New students will get Slice account ID and instruction on how to use  Slice, to your email in 24 hours after joining SAMO. Download the Slice app to your phone from Google Play or AppStore, sign in with the ID you get, and enjoy the benefits! You will also find a video tutorial on getting started with Slice at the bottom of this page.

Join samo

but Have not paid the membership fee

You need to pay your membership online (continue your membership page) or at SAMO’s office. After the payment, update your personal information (update your membership details page), add your picture and accept the terms of joining. You will get instruction to your seamk email on how to download and use the Slice-mobile student card.

Continue your membership


and Have paid the membership fee

If you have already paid the membership fee, go update your personal data, add your picture and accept the terms of joining. You will get instruction to your seamk email on how to download and use the Slice-mobile student card.

Update your personal information


Don’t remember if you have paid the membership fee?

  1. Check it out here

  2. From the up corner you will see your membership fee data

  3. If your membership is ending, continue it from here

Can't access slice?

Is your phone changed or has the App been updated?

  • You need a new SLICE ID

  • Go to

  • Write your seamk email address and click "reset"

  • You will receive link to your seamk email and by clicking it you will receive new id


Here’s a video for downloading Slice! Video is only in Finnish, but if you have any problem you can always contact


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