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The Student Union SAMO has two harassment contact persons:

Kaisa Ollila And Antti Syrjä

They work as support and advisers in harassment situations. 


Contacting us does not necessarily mean anything other than that the student receives an unbiased listener for their worries. The harassment contact person works by the conditions of the person experiencing harassment, and will take no further action without the student's consent. The only exception is where the student involved or any other higher education community is in a threat of violence. The harassment contact persons work together with the school student pastor.


If the student wishes, the University staff, school psychologist, student health care, school pastor or authorities can take the case forward. However, in most cases the act of talking about the problem between the two parties resolves the situation.  


If you are being harassed or you have questions about harassment, do not be afraid to contact us by email or phone! All conversations are confidential and you can contact us anonymously. 

An email address that goes to them both is:

What constitutes as harassment?

Harassment is behavior that the harassed finds unpleasant or offending. It can be about ethnicity, sexuality, wealth, religion, physical features or gender. University bullying and discrimination is also harassment. Harassment can also happen through emails, phone or other sources.


Every student has the right to equal treatment as a part of the University's community. They have the right for physical and mental integrity and social support during their studies. Under the equality law students cannot be sorted out based on their characteristics. The equality law also ensures gender equality in the studies.


The harasser is most often another student, but also a teachers or other members of the faculty can be guilty of harassment. It is usually division of power that can create an intimidating, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment, in the everyday life of the student. Harassment can happen to a single person or a larger group. 


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