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Student Union of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences - SAMO


Kampusranta 11 (Frami F, 1st floor)


Business ID: 2037068-2




Data Protection Officer

The person responsible for the data protection is Jani Erkkonen, SAMOs Executive Director, +358 40 546 1777


List of personal records:


JäsRek - Membership register provided by Hakosalo Software Oy - System for receiving event notifications

Email Lists - Members @ addresses are taken from the Membership Register for emailing.

Netvisor - Financial and payroll management system in accordance with the Accounting Act. In the system, anyone who has been paid contributions or salaries / fees.

File folders containing eg. Personal and contact details of employees, trustees and tutors and a register of former active members. SAMO manages the sharing and deletes the details of past events.



Processing of personal data at SAMO


General information:


Computers and systems are logged in with personal IDs. Computer updates and antivirus updates are kept up to date. When processing personal data, screens have privacy films that prevent direct third-party access to the information on the screen.

Personal data officers and trustees are orientated with the changes brought about by the GDPR and work together through secure and reliable practices.


Member Register:

The membership register is based on a system maintained by an external company with servers located in Finland. Upon joining, the member gives his / her own information and permission to transfer the information to SeAMK and check and update it from SeAMK’s information systems. Each Membership Register user has a personal username. Only employees and trustees who need information in their jobs and in SAMO member service tasks will get the username. The agreement privacy Statement with the Service Providers have been updated to GDPR standards. Resigned members are removed from the register immediately upon resignation. Former members who do not pay the membership fee will be removed from the register at the end of their studies or upon graduation from SeAMK or at the latest after two years of inactive membership. After deletion, the membership will retain membership information that cannot be directed to any individual.


The information of the register is available in the Register description.


Information in the membership register are not released outside the EU and the EEA. In addition, SAMO will not release information to third parties for marketing purposes. Most memberships sign up’s are done through an electronic form through an encrypted connection. Paper-based entry forms will be destroyed along with the privacy waste after the member information has been entered into the member register.



ILKKA-Newspaper benefit:


SAMO members can choose the ILKKA newspaper benefit when joining or continuing membership. The selection can be made in the member form or by informing SAMO. Information about the newspaper benefit will be stored in the membership register. By selecting the newspaper, the member accepts the terms of the subscription and authorizes SAMO to submit the member’s information (name, address, telephone number, email address) that is required for the subscription to I-Mediat Oy, where it will be stored in there customer register. The delivery and processing of subscriber information for the newspaper will be in accordance with GDPR and security.



Newsletter / Member Bulletin:

The SAMO newsletter / member bulletin is send to those members who have given permission. Permission is given on the application form and can be canceled or chosen on the membership upgrade form or by notifying SAMO in writing. Members' @ email addresses for the newsletters are obtained from the Membership Register. SAMO sends announcements about essential information (for example, about the Representative Council elections) to all its members. The purpose of the information newsletter is to maintain and manage the membership relationship in accordance with the Associations Act.


The newsletter / member bulletin can be published on and on SAMO's social media channels.


Mailing Lists:

SAMO has several different mailing lists in SeAMK's email system, through which the mail is directed to the personal @ mailboxes of the persons on the lists. The address is removed from the mailing list if the person in question requires it. Except in situations where the presence in the mailing list is based on members connection to the Representative Council or any other position of trust, which makes it necessary for SAMO to reach the persons on the list.


Event Registrations:


Registration for SAMO events are collected through service. Only SAMO employees who who need information to manage the events get the User ID. The agreement privacy Statement with the Company providing the service has been updated to the GDPR standards.



Student cards and student card orders / purchase:

Plastic student cards are ordered from a Finnish card manufacturer. The order is made from the member register. The card manufacturer is provided with the personal data as well as the person's photo that is necessary for the production of the card. The transfer of information is based on the student's wish to order a plastic student card and has given permission to submit the information to the card manufacturer.


Mobile Student Card and Student Benefit Service:


Upon joining SAMO, the student gives permission to transfer his / her personal information (name, membership period, email address, picture) to FeedCowboy Oy, which allows the use of the mobile student card and student benefit service. Old Members who joined before the start of the 2018-2019 academic year will have to accept the new Membership Terms and Conditions and give permission for the transfer using the Membership Update form and adding a photo to their membership information. The information is transferred from the member register via a secure interface.


To activate the service the student must download mobile application from the application store and activate the app using the personal login ID provided by

When activating Slice the student gives his / her separate consent to use the service. Use of the mobile application is possible as long as the student's membership in SAMO is valid (the student is a present SeAMK student and the membership fee has been paid).


Processing of personal data in the Council elections:

All SAMO members have the right to vote in the Representative Council election in accordance with the Polytechnic act. Information about the upcoming election, the start of the nomination process and the voting method are informed through the Members' website and in the newsletter / email bulletin. Electronic voting is executed through a voting application in the member register. IDs for the electronic voting system are automatically sent to all members to their @ ​​ email address.

Electoral officers operating in the ballot voting obtain electoral officer rights to the membership register. They will only see membership information that is necessary for the conduct of the election. Council elections are in accordance with SAMO's rules and election rules.

Nominees give permission in the election to the Representative Council, for SAMO to make public the candidate lists, the candidate's image, other relevant information and the results of the election upon nomination. All information published, except the results, are received from the candidate himself.


Tutor Register:

SAMO operates the tutoring activities on behalf of SeAMK. Tutor information is collected from the tutors themselves to organize tutor training and tutoring activities. The information is stored in the file folders provided by SeAMK, to which only SAMO actives have access. The files and its rights asr managed by SAMO's tutoring adviser. Tutors receive credits for their activities, which are granted by SeAMK. The award of credits requires the transfer of tutor information to a contact person at SeAMK.


Other processing of personal data:

Netvisor is the financial and payroll system. In it, the processing of personal data is based, on the Accounting act. The system uses strong authentication and only users who need information for their work have user rights to the system. The GDPR Agreement Privacy Statement with the Service Provider has been updated.


Payroll and accounting are handled by an external company. The GDPR Agreement Privacy Statement has been updated with the Service Provider.


Financial and payroll information (including payroll, vacation, and travel invoices) are processed in the Google Drive cloud service and so the information may be transferred outside the EU and EEA. Google is committed to the EU-US Privacy Shield Agreement. Only designated SAMO employees and student financial management companies have access to the Drives financial and payroll files. The data is protected by Google Drive access settings and each user has their own personal username and password to log in to folders. Wage and salary recipients are required to give written consent for the storage and sharing of information through Drive.


Data protection controls and related measures:


We follow the PDCA model (Plan-Do-Check-Act). In all operations, we first design a data-safe model with contracts in place. When the systems is in place, any security abnormalities are monitored. A record of the abnormalities detected shall be kept and, when needed the persons in question shall be informed. If the abnormality must be notified to the authority, the notification shall be made as soon as possible. Problems are fixed as quickly as possible so that potential new problems are avoided.


Processing this file:

This file will be publicly viewable on May 25, 2018. Changing the file does not require a decision of the Board of Directors. When you update this file, a log is added to the end of the file, listing the last three changes, the date of the change, and the reason for the change.


The Data Protection Officer 

Jani Erkkonen, Executive Director

+358 40 546 1777


File updates / log file:


Aug 5, 2017 Added updated register description of member register

1/25/2019 Updated Data Protection Officer (title changed to Secretary General)

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