Mobile studentcard pivo

Pivo kännykkä

Pivo application is fee of charge for all banks’ customers

Pivo and Pivo’s student card are free. You just have to be a member of your student Union, in this case SAMO. Exchange students are welcome too. As an exchange student, you can activate Pivo’s student card as long as you have a payment card and online user identifiers of a Finnish bank.


For registration, you only need your phone number, online bank user identifiers and a payment card from a Finnish bank.

Pivo’s student card provides you with Kela’s meal subsidy, and with student discounts for bus and train travel, offered by VR and Matkahuolto.  In addition, you also get Slice's numerous student benefits and all of Pivo's handy mobile payment features.


How to activate student card

1. Download Pivo, sign in with your online bank user identifiers and add your payment details.

2. Open Pivo and select Student card and pick your Student union (SAMO).

3. Create a student card by following the app’s instructions
The student card requires a valid membership of a student organisation or student union. You can change your photo twice a year